Sunday, September 05, 2004

Portrait of a Girl

When you took the photograph I knew I wasn’t smiling
I never can when I’m stuck in a pose.
But you insisted, impatient for an identity without a soul;
I warned you, but it was just a reminder, you said,
The real me would burn in you forever.

When the pictures were developed you found
The passionless photo of me and sighed,
You could not see the fire in my eyes for
It was hidden behind glassy lenses.

But do not fear for there is something yet that you await
A picture unexpected, to be sure.
A moment when you caught me without armour
When my spirit was not expecting to be snared
Part of a head with one gleaming eye
One half of a heartfelt smile
And a bit of golden hair blowing in the wind

You have my joy forever, now,
In a print that none but you will ever know,
A memoir of a moment none but you could ever see.


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