Sunday, September 05, 2004

My Star

There is a star who isn’t sure how to shine hiding in my back bedroom
Letting her light fall to blank faces and empty paper
Watching the world through eyes so much like mine
Eyes that try to see the hope but can’t ignore the pain
And I know the sorrow held within us may never go away
And I know the faith waiting in our hearts waivers sometimes
And I wish I could tell her that I suffer too, not just on the surface, but deep inside,
But I want to tell her that the world has enough for both of us,
For all of us,
Because I hold this truth in the deepest parts of my being.
I want to tell her that she is beautiful and talented,
And that it’s alright to be unsure of life sometimes,
To wander without purpose no matter how uncomfortable that may make us,
And I want her to know that if she’d open her heart a little more
I’d give her a little more of mine
And I want her to know that I care
And I want the best for her.
And I want her to know that I’m always here,
And that my arms are always open.

So to you, my little star,
A speck of perfect white in the night sky feared by so many,
I wish you hope.
Life is full of opportunities, and if you can’t stand the number of closed doors
Run away with me.
I will be your friend your confidante and sister always
In times of despair, doubt, and hope
So know that no matter how lonely life may feel
You never are alone.

May your life be filled with dreams and aspirations to be
All you want to be.

With love
Your poetess.


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