Sunday, September 05, 2004

If I Die Too Young

If I die too young, remember me.
Remember me as a girl who felt she had to yell to be heard, and so
Respect my quiet passions.
Please don’t let my poems end up in a dumpster,
At least burn them if no one wants to save them
They are the words I could use only once.
They are rarely altered,
Never edited.
If I die too young, sit with me.
Sit around a table and speak one thing you loved about me, shared with me,
One perfect time you spent with me
But do not speak of me with regret
For that is one thing, of all things, I have tried to live without.
If I die too young, learn from me.
Learn about yourself, your life, and make it how you want it to be,
How you’d want it to be if you died too young,
For that is how I would want it to be.
If I die too young, keep me.
Keep me in keepsake, in writing, in memory,
Hold me just a little in a secret part of your brimming heart,
For if you keep me there,
I will never die.


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