Sunday, September 05, 2004

For a Friend who Must Believe

If you listen closely you will hear your heartbeat in the wind,
And you will see that you are everywhere.
And in that moment you will find that your pulse is merely one of many
Not so different from the rest
But yours, just yours.
And you will know that your grace is drawn from the stars
And your passion from the fire of the deepest reaches of the Earth.
And when you have heard your voice as one of many
You will know yourself.
Everyone is whispering your name,
You are stirring the hearts of the multitudes already.
But if you have faith in yourself, immeasurable faith that nothing can deter,
Then you will find the murmurs become words, frenzied words that will
Rise into a cry—
Touch me with your fervor, they will say, and make me beautiful like you.
For you are beautiful when you are whole.
When you know that every action is a stone thrown into water
Every moment ripples into a thousand others and you must remember
You have power.
And that power can be a weapon or a tool—you must decide.
Believe in your choice, be it right or wrong,
Believe in your might, be it soft or strong,
Believe in the gentle words your heart sings to your soul.
You will change the world.
Believe this, too.
You will change the world.
And I will watch and smile from the front row and know how you sent a ripple
Through me.
Never forget the honest things and the broken dreams—
In time you will use the truth to repair fractured heartstrings.
When you are not afraid of you there will not be a ripple but a
People will find themselves in your courage,
And you must be a leader to them
So live each day conscious of yourself and the world and the power in
Each and every person.
And respect it with utmost reverence
And remember that of all the softly-glowing souls upon this earth
Within your sphere the most important light of all
Is yours.


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