Sunday, September 05, 2004

Center of Me

I wanna be loved
I wanna be fucked
I wanna trust someone implicitly.
I want an easygoing smile
With a scintillating sense of humor
On an airplane back from NYC
An affectionate, passionate, honest soul
To share my life, my heart, my body.
Someone who will love my naked form
And hate underwire,
Someone who only hurts me when he knows it’s what I need.
Someone who will be the center of my gravity,
Who won’t know how to live without me,
A man who sleeps best with his head in my breasts,
Who keeps time with my rhythm and respects my rests,
Who lets me hold his fingers when were walking,
Who lets his head and heart both do the talking,
Who appreciates me and the little things I do.

If you’re out there,
Look for the girl with love in her eyes,
Passion in her heart,
And open arms,
And when you’ve found her, you’ve found me.

Introduce yourself.


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