Monday, July 12, 2004

For a Hero

I guess I’ll never know what you really think of me
I thought I knew that you respected me and my opinions
You believed I was talented and true
And now I don’t know
Your vision of me has changed, as mine did of you
Only in your fall from a marble pedestal you became
So much more real, delightfully sincere in my new eyes
Someone I respected, not idolized
Someone I could relate to as a mentor, not a preacher
But perhaps you didn’t like to take that fall
You didn’t realize that you became a champion
Herakles, Perseus, Bellerophon, Jason, Ulysses
Ancient heroes were not Gods but men
And as a man you are much more to me
I pose questions only to those from whom I wish to know
Tell me what happened where did our understanding go
And can time heal need we prove ourselves again
My mind is tangled with regret.
And so I pray those lips which spoke so much
Of the beauty of my words and the manner of the world
Will not seal themselves to me
But rather kiss me again with compassion
And breathe to me new inspiration
I pray that hand which wrote so many messy words
Of admiration for my truth and the splendor of a single phrase
Will not lay clutched beside the pen
But rather take my arm and lead me to new worlds
And touch my fading heart with faith
And I pray the man I found in you will unearth the truth you found in me
And I pray that you who helped me find my voice
Will hear my song again and help me learn it in a different key
So I may grow and glimmer anew
A brilliant star in a vast night sky
Knowing that a wise old moon keeps his watch over me
And will nod his encouragement when I’m not sure how to shine.


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